A&Z Heating Systems

Hydronic water heating systems are a specialty of Patriot Water Works, with smart design, energy savings, and long service life.

We can provide a heating system evaluation and do any needed repairs or replacement. We take pride in our work, meet schedules, and respond when needed. Our solutions provide exceptional return on investment and outstanding warranty.

Our complete heater service includes inspection, cleaning, tuning and a full report.

  • Reduced future maintenance costs – identify problems in advance
  • Fuel savings – most heaters only operate at 50% efficiency, wasting half your fuel costs
  • Peace of mind – there is a current limited supply of heaters if you have a catastrophic loss

New Systems or System Replacement:
In addition to sales, installation, and service of high efficiency pool water heaters manufactured by industry leaders such as Thermal Solutions, US Boiler, Pentair, Lochinvar, and Raypack, Patriot Water Works also provides ultra-high efficiency indirect commercial pool heating systems built by Patriot Pool Heating Co.

Our AquAbility© systems are designed specifically for each project, are self-contained, and fully assembled with connections for electrical service, venting piping, and pool heating loop.

Patriot Pool Heating Co. AquAbilty© Systems are rapidly changing the commercial aquatics industry by providing highly efficient, cost saving, vertical rack-mount pool heating systems with a long life and small footprint.  All done with non-proprietary parts any qualified plumber can easily install and service.

In addition to heating pool water, our systems can be sized and configured for other uses such as domestic water heating, space heating, and snow melting.

We can provide pool heating systems for any size pool or attraction, even thru winter in cold climates. Our Patriot Pool Heating Co. sled-mounted systems are perfect for larger bodies of water, and achieve the same ultra-high efficiency, with of course the same outstanding five-year warranty.